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For over twenty years The Brenva Institute has been at the leading edge of the Digital Convergence by continually developing and reconfiguring its global ecosystem of leading minds, knowledge and client services to adapt to the accelerating evolution of technology, business models, leadership requirements and economic outcomes.
The Digital Convergence is the next tsunami of technology that will both disrupt and redefine the nature of all manner of commerce, economics and politics in the 21st century. 

Digital Convergence Briefings, Seminars and Tutorials will support your executive knowledge requirements for strategic decision making in the reconfiguration of your business and industry.
TRM: Technology Risk Management is at the core of the next era of civilization. 
TRM for Public Policy provide innovative tools decision making about risks and opportunities for governments and institutions at the local, regional and national level.  
TRM for Corporate Social Responsibility provides a toolset for public an private companies to benefit all stakeholders at the local, regional and national level.
Leadership 4.0 is the new model for guiding the development and performance of the new ecosystems of machines, automation, computation and humans. The Digital Convergence will require the human and digital interface to be the basis for new forms of leadership.
The Brenva Origami Knowledge Lab is our highly innovative environment for the process of challenge recognition and definition, accurate applicable knowledge development and establishing the capacity to develop rapidly reconfigurable and regenerative knowledge for creating regenerative executives, companies and institutions.

Our Mission is to support companies and institutions to "anticipate the future" and develop sustainable strategies and capabilities for the transition of the world into the gateway of Industry 4.0, the Digital Convergence and the 
Fourth Technological Revolution. 

The Brenva Institute is a Global Collaboratory.

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